About Us

Welcome to SwitchGreen online. SwitchGreen is a new company, providing new opportunity for Eastern Ontario producers. We are a partnered company including; Charles Forman and David Hendrick.

SwitchGreen is facilitating opportunities for produces in Eastern Ontario to grow Switchgrass. Switchgrass bales will be purchased and locally pelletized for biomass fuel. These fuel pellets will be used for both commercial and residential applications.

About Switchgrass

Switchgrass is a fast growing hardy perennial, native to north America. It's capable of producing moderate to high yielding crops on marginal farmland, making it ideal for over cropped land. Unlike most agricultural crops, switchgrass replenishes organic matter in the soil.

Commonly, Switchgrass, was used for soil conservation, controlling erosion, livestock forage, small game cover and ornamental grass. With ongoing concern about the depletion of fossil fuels and greenhouse gas emissions, switchgrass is being researched and processed for biomass fuel production. It's ideal for a bioenergy crop, due to it's fast growing nature. This captures high solar energy and processes it into high chemical energy, cellulose. This energy can than be processed into liquid, gas or burned directly. As well, while switchgrass is producing high amounts of cellulose, it's eating up Carbon Dioxide ('greenhouse gas').

With its long standing life and low input of herbicides and fertilizers, switchgrass, is much more efficient than other bioenergy crops, such as corn.
It is inevitable that the our future holds the need for such advancing environmental technologies, such as biomass fuel. Not only is switchgrass a part of this bioenergy conservation but it strengthens our local farm economy.

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